Townhomes and Condominiums

Multifamily homes have many unique characteristics making them one of our most popular projects. Common property and numerous homeowners with varying expectations are the norm. We paint these large communities and understand the importance of a job going smoothly, on schedule, with quality, and no surprises.  We not only provide quality work, but overall cost savings with the economy of scale.  If you hear us continually  say “quality”, it’s a driving factor to our philosophy. Quality and time proven materials are applied by our seasoned staff.  We provide a clean, neat, and professional job site that ensures a superior end product that we can stand by. We can handle your investment property from 2-400 homes.  

Owner, Matt Carey brings 15 years of property management to the table This expertise allows customers to trust that their expectations will be exceeded while ensuring the best possible product within a realistic budget. We are always happy to make recommendations on the overall building envelope to assist in identifying potential future paint failure pitfalls, color placement, or architectural improvements to update to a more modern appearance.

Specialized Service:

Townhouse Painters Bend LLC was founded on providing exceptional service. We treat your townhome or condominium like it was our own home. We often hear questions about our workers and what to expect. We only mask what we can spray in a day, we are constantly policing for garbage before leaving and making sure we clean up along the way. We do not allow radios because we understand that being there can interfere and disrupt your day and we want to provide you with the best experience. Additionally, our workers always wear appropriate clothing with shirts on at all times.

Reserve Study:

Never hesitate to give us a call with questions. We are happy to provide budget estimates for replacement reserve studies and new properties.

Budget Restrictions:

Inadequate funding? Let us help you devise a strategy to keep your investment’s exterior maintained with good curb appeal and at a budget you can afford with a phased approach. Communicating and working with our customers to ensure that we are doing all we can for them while sticking to a budget that fits their interest and needs is important for us.